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In 1997 as a result of requests from practitioners who he worked with and taught, Jock started to study the results of his VHT move on equines. Amazed at the acceptance of the moves by the horse and the results expressed, Jock began to adapt and choreograph his human moves to the musculo-skeletal systen of the horse, noting the effects, the releases (both emotional and physical), and the improvement in the subject after each treatment.

Armed with a practical manual that he had developed, he started working with horses first in Scotland, then in Hawaii. The success was such that he was asked to demonstrate his equine work on horses in the USA and to lecture on the procedures to veterinary surgeons in Europe. In October 1998 he was invited to Prague by a leading veterinary surgeon to work on the Czech Republic's most famous horse Cipisek, winner of the 1997 National Steeplechase Championship.

Cipisek had fallen badly a few weeks earlier at a jump with three other horses landing on him. The resulting injury was so severe that it was thought he would have to be put down. After only one session Cipisek's pain had greatly reduced, he was walking with his tail up and the neck, which had been badly twisted was aligned and free of pain. As a result of this demonstration he was invited by the head of surgery at the National Veterinary University to return to Czech to teach Veterinarians from all over Europe in conjunction with the University of To stop confusion or association with any other equine modality for horses Jock decided to call his address 'The Equine Touch'.

Although the Equine Touch was originally only taught to qualified veterinary surgeons, it was on the advice of these doctors that he began to invite other interested equestrians to attend his seminars and so the Equine Touch as a modality for all to learn was born.

Not satisfied with merely adapting the simple moves Jock began to research into the tissue of the horse and the emotional and physical results of the moves. Listening to horse trainers, teachers and vets he started to develop the modality even further, lymphatic drainage, energy releasing torque moves, limb elongation and gentle soft tissue manipulation followed. Each procedure carefully mapped out and choreographed before presenting it to veterinarians and horse trainers for their consideration, before including it in his seminars.  Jock remains adamant however that The Equine Touch is not a therapy as such but is a discipline or a modality that trains the equine to relax and rebalance itself.  Every move and procedure performed  on the equine is done with this intent in mind.

In 1999 Jock was joined in teaching The Equine Touch by his wife Dr Ivana Ruddock a Veterinary Surgeon and former lecturer in anatomy from Brno University in the Czech Republic. Dr Ruddock attended the seminar held by the University and was so impressed with the Equine Touch she resigned her position to work alongside Jock in teaching, researching, documenting and developing the Equine Touch even farther. Dr Ruddock brings with her to The Equine Touch seminars a sense of credibility and legitimacy that is seldom afforded complementary modalities. In 2000 she was appointed national Standards Advisor on animals' Complementary Health for the UK to the ICM and the BRCP and is a member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

Ivana has been acclaimed by all who attend the ET clinics as a brilliant and extremely professional instructor whose knowledge of the equine and dedication to helping them in a truly holistic manner manifests itself throughout her course lectures and demonstrations from foundation to practitioner level.Described as the most unique teaching duo in the equine world one student summed it up by stating ' Jock shows us how to do it Ivana tells us why'.

In January 2002 The US Government granted Jock and Ivana a visa to teach the Equine Touch in the United States.

The Equine Touch Foundation Inc. seminars are now available for interested horse owners and as well as VHT and Bowen Practitioners throughout the world from Norway to New Zealand. Equine Touch is now being recognized and endorsed by vets, universities, Olympians, other clinicians as well as Parelli Natural Horsemanship as being a discipline that works.


The Foundation Seminar is held over three days.  On the Foundation 'Horse Lovers' course the student is instructed on human related moves in the forenoon and in the afternoon  the transfer of these moves to the Equine. Or depending upon the mechanics of the teaching arena, the students spend one day learning the moves on the human and the following two days adapting the moves to the equine.


A follow up three day advanced seminar is available where students are introduced to more advanced moves or 'area of concern procedures' as they are referred to well as refreshing the basic foundation procedures.  Each seminar is certificated by theEquine Touch Foundation.


After having successfully completed the 'Foundation' three day seminar as well as the advanced horse lover's three day seminar the student, if they wish to continue their education in the Equine Touch, may be invited to attend a Level 3 - Practitioners Seminar. 

Due to the intense content of this seminar it is held over four days.  The participant who wishes to achieve the practitioner statusJock treating a horse [2]will be expected to present 20 case studies, they will be instructed in advanced reprogramming and rebalancing procedures, passive and active mobilization, unique stretching and limb extension systems as well as 'equine touch techniques' learned from gentle touch equine specialists, vets, trainers  and therapists from all around the world. On this seminar the student's professionalism, horsemanship and ability will be individually assessed and upon successful completion a Level 3 Certificate will be issued 

At this point the assessed student who wishes to attain practitioner level certification will be eligible to be assessed on their technique, demonstrate their horsemanship and sit the written examination, which will be marked by a veterinary surgeon, upon successfully passing the examination the Equine Touch Foundation will issue an Equine Touch Practitioner's Diploma.  

The Equine Touch Foundation Inc and the discipline has been recognized by:: BCMA, BTER, Equinology, NAHRA,and is the only school of Equine Bodywork endorsed by Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

The Equine Touch, thanks to the input and research from the Veterinary fraternity as well as experienced and respected horsemen such as Pat and Linda Parelli, veterinarians, and Jock and Ivana's own experiences, has developed into a full blown and reputable discipline that can be learned and practiced by anybody who has a genuine love for the horse. Such has been the success of the modality that the 'Natural Horse' magazine in the USA runs regular features on The Equine Touch and regular seminars are now being held worldwide.

TRY OUT OR NEW EQUINE WEB SITE AND CLICK ON:   www.theequinetouch.com


 We are currently looking for seminar hosts on a partnership basis worldwide. If you are interested in holding Equine Touch courses in your barns, ranches or equine schools on a percentage basis please contact us directly at Equinetouchinc@aol.com

Practitioners who have learned this amazing procedure are full of praise and regularly report the amazing and sometimes miraculous results that occur, from general relaxation, to relief from colic, recovery from serious injury, behavioral problems, allergies, even to full recovery from a dreaded cobra bite. In many cases the results have astounded and puzzled allopathically trained vets - even the ones who are now using the modality in conjunction with their orthodox treatments, homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic work.

MVDr Zdenek Zert. Veterinary Surgeon and head of Surgery Brno University of Veterinary Sciences in the Czech Republic, had this to say about the Equine Touch:

'Interesting is the Equine Touch's monotherapy of some diseases such as inflammation of the lymphatic veins, sprains, combustion's, some neurologic and musculoskeletal problems. It reaches many interesting and encouraging results, however the most important indication is the support of classic allopathic-therapy with this type of treatment. Together with homeopathy and acupuncture the Equine Touch is an important member of the alternative medicine in the horse.'

MVDr Antonius Mensdorf-Pouilly. Veterinary Surgeon. Austria

'This is an easy to learn system that everyone who owns a horse should learn. It is simple, non-invasive the horses love it, and it works.'

'HEY ----- IT WORKS ON DOGS TOO! Due to international demand Ivana has researched and developed and put together a fully illustrated Canine Touch manual which includes dynamic balancing instructions as well as procedures for addressing areas of concerns. Taught now as two day hands-on clinic the dog course has proved so popular and the effects so positive that advanced soft tissue procedures were researched and developed to meet the demand of dog owners and trainers, all of whom have reported the amazing improvements on the the animals they have worked on.

Ivana and JockMessage from Jock and Ivana: It is extremely important for horse lovers, indeed animal lovers on the whole to realise that due to statute law in certain countries any form of animal therapy carried out by anyone other than a registered veterinarian is illegal. While Ivana is a qualified vet in the Czech Republic she is extremely aware of these laws and does not practice veterinary medicine in any form whatsoever in any country where she is not licensed to do so.  However there is no law on this planet strong enough to stop us helping God's creatures when we can.

The most important message that we at IASH can give to people who want to learn equine modalities to help animals is do not be conned.  As a veterinarian surgeon  and an ex-policeman we can assure you that no matter what any person, or "so-called school" offers or promises you, any certificate that calls you a qualified therapist is not worth the paper it is written on unless it is signed by a recognized body.

Be proactive, if you are in doubt about the contents of an Equine course ask.  We have seen overpriced seminars with instruction manuals that are a disgrace and an insult to to any student, muscles named that do not exist or are in the wrong place, procedures adapted to the equine without even the basic understanding that a horse stands on four legs and we stand on two.  However to some it is a good way to make money.  If you want to help horses remember it costs you nothing to ask. A particular course which is over-priced and does not deliver costs you an awful lot more.  Check out the integrity of the course first. Please!

The results of the Equine Touch, speak for themselves:

Dog Balancing Ball on noseStudents Comments:

In the way I use it there is no modality to compare with The Equine Touch as the muscle and emotional relaxation is the best of the methods I know.  The Equine Touch works holistically on the whole body so there is also emotional, mental and spiritual release.MVDr.  Gernot Gaggl.  Austria

I found Jock Ruddock's teaching to be thorough, compassionate and patient.  I have been around horses for a long time and have competed in show jumping for 37 years.  Horses are my special friends. Thanks to Jock I can now be of service to these wonderful animals. Penny Crockart.  Horse trainer, Zimbabwe.

Jock and Ivana are without a doubt the most unique and may I say integrity-filled instructors I have come across for a long time.  Jock the intuitive bodyworker, entertaining and dedicated to the horse on all levels while Ivana with her education and dedication to research backing up even the most complicated questions with allopathic facts provided the ideal balance in this partnership to the benefit of all of us who attend their seminars.  A brilliant course. Yumi Fuji, Equine Therapist, Hawaii.


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