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How Does VHT Work?

VHT and the Equine Touch as disciplines have that indescribable touch of magic that set them aside from known and defined therapies. It is not as easy to explain as manipulative or deep tissue therapies which are usually based on a philosophy and have a plethora of confusing plagiarisms ranging from the exotic to the absurd as to how they work.

The  majority of bodywork schools that define themselves as therapies, irrespective of how ‘holistic’ they claim to be, are mostly problem focused and involve some dubious diagnostic procedures. VHT and ET as well as Bowen has no diagnostic procedures within their discipline which can be substantiated by known and accepted science.

Is it beyond our fragile understanding to simply accept!  We know that we can reach the moon and walk on it.  We have no idea of how all the complicated procedures work to achieve this, but we look at what others have achieved and we just accept it. .

How does VHT work, and why does it enable clients to address problems that that other modalities have ignored or which the body has resisted? It is my belief that there are many theories out there that on all holistic addresses this is one of mine. Medical Chaos and Confusion.


Medical Chaos and Confusion
(Jock Ruddock on VHT)

When we think of medical chaos we think of confusion in a busy emergency room, queues of waiting patients, stretchers with bodies on them with IV’s hanging out of their arms being rushed off everywhere , or patients getting the wrong leg amputated. It's time for all that to change. Medical chaos is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of complementary holistic addresses and the Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique is right there alongside it.

For the past 5 years we at IASH have been researching the remedial and therapeutic effects of the Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique and the principles of holistic confusion and chaos. Research into the chaotic nature of the muscular vibration signal revealed that it provided spectacular improvement on a non-diagnostic holistic level. Doctors in other fields of allopathic and complementary medicines are already reporting that a highly chaotic signal is much more effective at relieving pain, promoting circulation, and accelerating recovery.

At IASH we have long been looking for ways to describe what VHT in fact does and how chaos and confusion at a relaxed level can have a positive effect upon the body without being focused on any specific named problem. Our experience has shown that the medical chaos and confusion effect invoked by a total VHT session has a profound influence on the body which surpasses that of any similar address, or what some people want to call therapy.

The Power of Chaos and Confusion

How can medical chaos and confusion cause such an increase in circulation and decrease in pain? Chaos is confusing, unpredictable and destabilizing. It is the enemy of structure and establishment and overturns the law of order and belief therefore people are scared of it. The secret is that medical chaos breaks down old structures in the body which cause pain and restrict healing and provided the body can be seduced into relaxation at the same time the resistance or fear factor is removed from the equation the entire being can be opened to the effect.

Perhaps a reason why it works:

The body normally defends itself against outside vibrational signals by anticipating them and setting up signals which cancel them out. This is how we can sustain our own emotions and thoughts. It is also why when a chiropractor asks us to ‘relax’ we tense in anticipation of the manipulation. When someone speaks loudly when they wants to tell us what to do, we often shout back to defend our own position. Penetrating noise simply makes it difficult for us to maintain our own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. *If the sound is repetitive, like rhythmic music, a constant hum, or a ticking clock, you can learn to filter it out. Think about moving into a street with heavy traffic, it is not long before you automatically filter out the sounds of the heavy trucks passing by. This is why predictable signals like those from all therapies such as massage acupressure, myo fascial release (and perhaps Bowen) are of limited effectiveness they are predictable and if one receives too many sessions, can be filtered out. Bowen practitioners often comment that after three sessions the benefit seems to weaken and they must wait some time to treat again and move on to another address.

You are however defenseless against chaotic vibration because it is unpredictable. It simply goes past your vibrational defenses and softens all thoughts, emotions, and other vibrational structures, which shape the physical body. This is why people find it so profoundly relaxing, and why, after a treatment, they feel calm, clear headed, and liberated from the problems and worries of life. A big part of what they are feeling is the energy which is released when their ‘character armour’ and pent up emotions are dissolved as their Ki energy becomes available for ultimate healing.

The Physical paradigm:

Within us all there is a great deal of unnecessary and unwanted physical structure. Physical structure in the form of muscle spasm, benign lumps, contracted fascia, calcification, scar tissue, toxic substances, static lymph, and dead cells, some of them supported by an emotional dysfunction known as character armor, and all of which interfere with the flow of essential Ki energy, optimal health and maximum focus on recovery and maintenance of homeostasis

Medical chaos and confusion as applied by VHT dissolves these old structures and energy blocks at various levels, which hold these problems in place. Practitioners often report seemingly miraculous physical and emotional changes as scar tissue softens, muscle knots vanish, bodies relax, postures alter and edema dissipates. Addressing the holistic body with VHT penetrate s deeply into the body, repeatedly stressing rigid structures in unexpected ways, dissolving them into a pool of limpid fertile chaos, ready for addressing by the body’s own innate healing system.

All Bodywork is stress:

When a structured system is energized by unexpected, un-resisted stress such as VHT, it's chaos increases, as does its confusion which allows it to reconfigure spontaneously into an altered and perhaps different order of organization which has the ability to address all previous problems in a new and perhaps more positive manner.

Holistic address:

The broader or more holistically the address the more likely it is that the causes will be identified and dealt with in contrast to attention being focused on supposed points of symptom of effect. The fact that there is evidence of an unwanted structure within the tissue does not in effect mean that the cause resides in that locale and often is the result of distant influence. In a true holistic address there is no room for therapist diagnostic ego, the entie body being addressed with the gift.

Cross belief identification:

By cross belief identification we mean that a practitioner of another discipline or therapy which believes that specific imbalance is often caused by a distant imbalance in the flow of energy, mana, Ki, or vital life force will understand immediately the premise behind VHT and its address.

Likewise the bodyworker who is searching for the ideal non invasive, non contraindicative system of supplying the innate wisdom of the body with a blueprint of how the sum of all parts of the musculoskeletal system should be, and then encouraging it to reach the ideal state of homeostasis without the extensive preamble and restrictions associated with many other systems will understand yje principles of VHT.

 How does Bowen itself truly work? Perhaps only Tom Bowen ever really knew. If he passed on his paradigm as to how it worked then the recipient has never revealed the secret. Bowen to each practitioner is as unique as a fingerprint, and each practitioner will develop over the years many theories as to how and why it works. Then as time goes on they will realize that all the big words, and all the theories, all the hours of discussion and debating are nothing more than opinions and like those who have gone before will simply accept, trust and have faith in that amazing modality which is the legacy of Tom Bowen.