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Ivana , Jock and Horse

Jock (John) Ruddock is a former Police Officer who spent 28 years of his life as an international professional wrestler and part time bodyworker. On retiring from the ring he turned to the world of complementary health qualifying as a clinical hypnotherapist. During his 28 years as a globe-trotting wrestler he had earned himself a reputation as a 'bone-setter'. The laws of the wrestling world being 'if you hurt me, fix me'. Jock originally attended the 'Bowtech' school of the Bowen in England and subsequently qualified with the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia under Oswald Rentsch. He was the first UK practitioner to disassociate himself with Bowtech after which he continued his studies with Stuart Rappaport and other qualified, accredited and respected Bowen instructors.

Working with other Bowen specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths he put together a training manual that has been described as the most user-friendly bodywork manual yet written. Not satisfied with his original he has over the past five years painstakingly rewritten and re-illustrated the manual no fewer than five times. His attitude being that no matter who gives advice or asks a question be it a doctor or a car mechanic if the point is of value then it should be passed on and if it assists practitioners and ultimately their clients than it should be taught.

Jock started his own School "Bowen International" in Scotland in 1996 despite numerous threats and intimidation from other quarters. In November 1999 Jock's syllabus and teachings were accepted for full accreditation by the Bowen Therapists European Register (BTER) the largest independent Bowen Association in the world. Since then his teachings have been accepted by Bowen Therapist Associations in Ireland, Scandanavia, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, and his VHT clinics filled with qualified Bowen therapists from other schools such as ECBS and BTAA.

In 1997 he introduced Bowen into Hawaii and in 1998 to the Czech Republic, in 1999 to Zimbabwe where in spite of riots, chaos and violence he returned to teach in 2000 and 2001. In 2000 he also taught packed seminars in South Africa, Scandanavia, England, Scotland with such success that he has been invited to teach in, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Israel Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Zambia, Australasia and the USA and into the lion's den of Bowtech Australasia.

In 1997 he was requested to help a practitioner treat a horse with Bowen. As a result he found himself in overnight demand as a 'horse healer'. A casual conversation in Czech a few months later saw him being invited to treat Cipisek the most famous horse in that country, an invitation followed from a senior veterinary surgeon who observed the procedure to teach vets in Europe his equine technique and so  "The Equine Touch" was born. Since then it has been taught in Europe, Britain, Scandanavia, USA, Zimbabwe and South Africa to vets, trainers, riders owners and horse lovers with great success. "The Equine Touch" was the first equine complementary modality to be accepted as such by the Institute for Complementary Medicine and the British Complementary Medicine Association.

Jock has been featured regularly in the media, on radio and on television, he has been acclaimed by students and other Bowen Practitioners and Instructors throughout the world as brilliant, innovative and extremely entertaining with a high level of integrity that manifests itself throughout the entire course. His courses have been described as extremely enjoyable, thorough, professional, packed with energy and integrity and quite simply "the best".

In 2002 disgusted at the politics and personal attacks on him by various Bowen factions he dramatically removed himself from the firing line and while still being invited to teach his work to qualified Bowen therapists and instructors internationally he no longer identifies himself as a teacher of Bowen.

Dominique Shelton of Maui, a highly respected and qualified bodyworker had this to say. "Clearly Jock has committed himself and his life to the study, practice and teaching of the Bowen work. He has compiled and refined an excellent thorough, user friendly manual. His big hearted roughish personality spices the class with laughter. It's one of the best classes of this type I have attended in the last 20 years."


Ivana Ruddock is qualified veterinary surgeon, a university lecturer in anatomy, a published researcher in animal immune systems as well as being a respected VHT and Bowen Instructor. In 1999 Ivana joined Jock in traveling the world teaching IASH disciplines. With her qualifications and consummate passion for research she has brought to the Complementary Health world of IASH a credibility and substance which has been applauded by all who attend their courses.

Their combination has been described as a perfect "tag team" teaching combination, Jock the intuitive hands on specialist while Ivana the purist, the ultimate seeker of knowledge, the lecturer with the ability pass on that knowledge and to answer all questions raised whether allopathic or holistic that have passed within her field of study and understanding.

1999 Jock and Ivana began to research more and more into both the Equine Touch and VHT amending, testing, discarding, developing and choreographing complete new procedures based upon the rules and principles of holistic bodywork They discovered that by vibrating the muscles in a certain sequence and at specific points in the body using slightly more pressure combined with a T'ai Chi flow that the entire body would slip into a state of relaxation and confusion. The syndrome is something similar to an entire orchestra tuning up prior to a concert, out of this confusion and chaos order within the body emerges and homeostasis is attained. After considerable studying and fine tuning this new approach, they decided to name it The Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique (VHT).

In 2001 Jock and Ivana found themselves as perhaps the busiest and most in demand instructors in the world, their seminars on  "The Gentle Touch (Bowen)", VHT and "The Equine Touch" were being held in USA, Scotland, Hawaii, Europe, Spain, Zimbabwe, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, South Africa and Slovakia and now Australasia was calling. In 2002 much to the anger of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, the New Zealand Bowen Association invited them to Aotearoa to teach VHT to their members and instructors. 


On a page of the ECBS web-site it is claimed that I was trained by Julian Baker.  I wish to disassociate myself totally from that statement. He, himself, did not teach me!  I attended a four day seminar which Mr Baker held. My training by Mr Baker was virtually non-existent and I do not use anything which he may wish to claim he taught me. The fact that my classes are now filled with ECBS students from throughout Europe speaks for itself.  Although I hold a BTAA certificate as a Bowen Therapist signed by Oswald Rentsch my style of "old fashioned" Bowen Technique was taught to me by Stuart Rappaport, whom I consider the finest instructor of Bowen I have had the privilege of working with.

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