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is VHT compatible with other therapies?

VHT is in many cases more than enough in any one session. Its powerful vibrational effect upon the body is sufficient and the total holistic address should be allowed to work unhampered and undiluted. It does of course work extremely well in conjunction with what is called the Bowen Technique in that VHT moves may be used to replace old fashioned Bowen ones at any time in any choreographed procedure. In fact a whole procedure may be substituted to achieve a more comprehensive and more profound effect when addressing an area of concern

Hypnotherapy, Hyperton-X, Cranial Sacral, Osteopathy, Ki, Chiropractic all have their place and can, if used with care and consideration be extremely complementary to each other. McTimmony as well as orthodox Chiropractors for instance have found that VHT will open up and relax problem areas prior to performing a manipulation if indeed one is required after a holistic VHT address. Reiki also is a perfect and often proven successful partner for VHT.

The advantage to learning VHT compared with many other modalities lies in the fact that it is non diagnostic and non invasive. Other than two specific moves, which must not be performed, on a pregnant client there are no contraindicate procedures.

While VHT is essentially a soft tissue bodyworkers discipline it is used to great advantage by chiropractors, osteopaths, orthodox doctors, massage therapists, rolfers, cranial sacral therapists and practitioners of all hands on therapies.. However it must always be remembered that VHT as a modality stands alone in its own right as a holistic gift to the whole body at all levels.

VHT in a high percentage of problems is enough. These simple moves cross all barriers of understanding and restrictions bringing relief to family, friends and clients in what at times seems almost a miraculous healing.

To learn VHT there are no long-winded physiology preambles to be memorised and very little anatomy, although it is an advantage in having a basic grounding in the muscular skeletal components of the body. VHT simply addresses the whole body which in turn addresses its own problems and brings about any healing that is required itself.

The students who complete the course to the professional level will find themselves with an interesting and satisfying career, financial, and spiritually enriching as they witness daily the astounding effects that VHT can have on their clients. It is particularly beneficial for female practitioners as it is not labour or strength intensified, the gentle moves and the intermittent resting periods allowing for conservation of energy by the practitioner.

The student who completes the foundation clinics just to be able to help friends finds the course equally rewarding. Many people learn the basic course to help friends and family with no thought of becoming a therapist. All who take the course and who are introduced to this evolvement of the work of inspired by Tom Bowen find their lives enriched once they experience the reality of the world of bodywork which they have now entered..